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Photo Tip https://www.rlstevensphotography.com/blog/2013/9/photo-tip Photo tip.

Your camera cannot distinguish subject matter from non subject matter. Therefore it is up to you to record only that which is important to the photo. The easiest way is to get closer and fill the frame with just the subject. Think of the camera viewer as a canvas. Put on it only that which is important. Leave out the cans, butts, passing waiters, gawking tourists, parking lots, UFOs etc. Get CLOSER.

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Photo Tip https://www.rlstevensphotography.com/blog/2013/8/photo-tip Photo tip....

So, you just set out on a photo trek with your $3,000 camera set up, tripod, photographers vest, beret and clip on artists pony tail. You are the knee's of the bee as you visualize the shot before you. You have traveled far and at considerable expense to commit some serious art.

Now your only real concern is how to fit this not yet born photo into that 11x14 frame that you bought last week for a mere 99 cents at the yard sale.

Your dilemma is exactly that of DaVinci when Mr. Lisa hired him to paint his daughter Mona. Leo said to himself, "I know he has a favorite frame, so I must paint this thing to fit it".


Walmart and yard sales should not dictate your artistic choices. Shoot and crop to fit your vision. If that means you must spring some $ on custom framing, so be it.

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